Accidents do happen so it’s good to know there is a Wader repair kit available. The kit patches are made from genuine Vass-Tex materials suitable for repairing your Vass waders.

Each kit includes
• 2 x Large patch (approx. 5cm)
• 2 x Madium patch (approx. 4cm)
• 2 x small patch (approx. 2.5cm)
• 1 x 5 gram sealant tube

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Product Code: RK2

Available Options

Repair Kits Patches:
Repair Kit - Breathable Patches
Repair Kit - Khaki Patches
Repair Kit - Camo Patches

Ref: Repairing smaller holes without the need for a patch
Follow the instructions enclosed to repair using just the sealant without the need for a patch.

Ref: Repairing large holes using patches
For larger holes, follow the usual instructions of repairing on the reverse of the wader material but just add extra sealant to the reverse of the damaged area (area to equal the size of selected patch). Press the patch into the sealant, the sealant should protrude about a 1mm past the patch which seals the edges. It’s sometimes worth putting foil over this area and weighting down with a flat object (i.e hardback book).

About Vass

Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Vass Textile Group manufacture and distribute the very highest quality waterproof clothing and waders. The company quickly established itself as a specialist market leader with products for the offshore fishing industry and fishing tackle trade.